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Post Con Blues

In the lead up to any large event I work my ass off. I come up with a couple of new things that need to be produced and push till they get done. No matter how the event goes I want to be sure i left nothing on the court.

After the show however, I'm worn out, beat up and utterly exhausted. My creativity is tapped and there is a sense of "what now?".

Its hard to remember that after all that out put its ok and necessary to need some time to recharge. That down time always feels like I'm spinning my wheels waiting for the spark to reignite. How can I make recharging without feeling guilty? How do people do these things back to back without exploding?

Of course none of this is helped that a project i have back-burnered for a few months is not going well. I can't seem to get the paint to apply evenly. I may scratch what I have and start all over -_-.

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